Sunday, 26 September 2010

Gypsy wagon

Last Friday Yurina (from Japan) & I went on a spontaneous stay at Wriggles Brook, a Gypsy Wagon B&B!! It was an amazing experience - open fire, beautiful nature, hammock for 2, being woken up by birds ... loved it!

our wagon for the night

The inside equipped with blankets, tea, coffee etc...

Ah amazing!! Hammock for two right by the river / stream

Open fire with BBQ - it got colder at night but the fire & toasted marshmallow kept us warm! It was so much fun just talking & talking underneath the starry night!

Our sleepy faces

Breakfast brought to you whenever you like (from dawn to 10 am) ... pancakes & fruits to start and then either meat, vegan or vegetarian breakfast!! They are allll so yummyy!

Best of all they have 3 doggies (sometimes more) to keep you company! We had Buster with us for breakkie & took Hush on a little walkie!



Wriggles Brook is in Hoarwithy, one of Britain's most stunning areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. There's heaps to do from long walks to canoeing, horse riding to doing absolutely nothing!! It's really romantic too with tea lights and your other half can plan your future together snuggled up by the open fire with toasted marshmallows underneath the beautiful starry night sky!

Have you ever stayed at a gypsy wagon?


Rorie said...

Wow, that looks so amazing!!! The wagon is so cute so 1800's-esque!!

Jay ♥ said...

rorie: I know it is just so much fun <33

cherleebrity said...

Ohhhh emmm geeee, this is sooo cool! I wanna go on a gypsy holiday too! T____T

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