Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Wow, hello! It's been umm quite some time since I've been here! Well I'm back from my travels and ready to revive this blog and continue writing as I've missed it heaps! I've also most definitely missed reading all your lovely blogs so Im going to make myself a nice cup of tea and start looking through thousands of entries!

I am setting up a different URL/name but it's less than perfect at the moment so once ive tweaked a few things I'll move there and I hope all of you will move with me! I'll keep you updated! For now though, read on for a few things you might not know about me and hope you'll do the same on your blog so I can get to know you better too!

1. I used to be able to speak 6 languages fluently, unfortunately it's now down to 4 but hopefully I'd be able to pick them up again quite easily when I need to *fingers crossed

2. I love gardening. Please don't unfriend me!! Seeing things grow and eating fresh with 0.1 food miles makes me happy! I am a bit of a granny, cooking programmes are at the top of my favourites list.

3. Im obsessed with hearts! I have a lot of them too - jewellery, luggage labels, soft furnishings, kitchen wares…check back later for more detailed posts about all the hearts I have!

4. Travelling is a big part of my life. I don't mean spending money on booze and then recovering the next day on the beach sun-baking (although nothing wrong with it if its your thing). Travelling for me is really getting to know the people, culture & customs, history, food, language etc. It's about leaving the maps behind, little or no planning and just getting lost in backstreets & little lanes. If it was up to me, I'd spend a couple of months (or years lol) in each place! I have been very lucky to have lived in Japan & Malaysia and spent some time in NZ and OZ as well as mini breaks to various other places. Keep checking my Travel Log for more travel posts!

5. I'm quite a content person - if things aren't going my way you will rarely find me complaining because I tend to just embrace how things decide to turn out. I believe there's always a reason as to why things are the way they are. Life is short so if it's raining, grab your wellies and go jump in the puddles!

6. Umm… I have a dog, his name is Patch and he is one of the most most most important things in my life ever!!! He is a little Jack Russell Terrier, bit grumpy, tries to act bigger than he really is by growling at bigger dogs but inside he's a biiiig softie that loves nothing more than cuddles, kisses, blankets and being cosy! When I was packing for Japan, I turned around and found him getting warm & cosy in my pile of clothes in the luggage lol :p I wished I could have packed him along with me!

7. umm...I'm a crazy sentimental! I keep every little thing like little notes, old tickets, letters, clothes that no longer fit…I find it hard to throw things away!

Now tell me things about yourself & link by commenting x


Rorie said...

Welcome back lady!!!

Gemma Hayley said...

Welcome back! I hope you have lots of photos for us!!

Esther Chew said...

Woots!! You're back... Its been a long long time.. :) Continue blogging...

Pritu said...

Waoooo..You can 6 languages !! Amazing..Thanks for sharing ..inspires me !!
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