Friday, 17 December 2010


I can't believe it's almost Christmas! I hope all your shoppings are done & ready for it! Sorry for lack of posts, I have SO much to tell but getting on the internet is prooving to be difficult and when I get a chance to, I have to book for travels ahead! Well I'm going to make a new blog for my travels, keep an eye out for it. Any blog name suggestions? In the mean time I wonder if anyone out there can help me build the layout? Im crap at stuff like that!! Any little help would be so greatly appreciated!!

The picture above is where I am at the moment - this place is just beautiful! Have a guess where it is in New Zealand!

The biggest Merry Christmas to all of you!!! I can say Christmas is definitely so much better in the cold! Will try to blog again as soon as I can - I've missed reading all your blogs and can't wait to catch up when I find some time!

What have you asked for this year & are you excited??

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Jade said...

Wow, New Zealand looks amazing and a world away from the snow here! Ooh looking forward to reading your travel blog :) I'm too excited for Christmas and I think you're right about Christmas being better in the cold! I could not imagine a sunny, warm Christmas! x

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