Friday, 30 July 2010


Hello girlies it's the weekend yay! and the start of my week off - so so glad! We're picking up our campervan tomorrow, ever so excited! Unfortunately it's not the traditional ones, they are modern versions but will still be fun! I really can't wait. Still have no idea where we're going hahah - where do you recommend? Where in England do you love going?

On a completely unrelated note ... I recently found out that I am rather high maintenance when it comes to my skin (thanks to a routine instilled at age 11 by my then beautician mother). I'm quite surprised to find that some people gets cleansing and moisturising confused and only use wipes to remove their make up! It is really important to ensure that every trace of make up should be removed so your skin can breathe & regenerate itself whilst you sleep. I can totally understand that at the end of a day all you want to do is just curl up in your pjs & fall asleep, but you might end up with oily skin & clogged pores resulting in breakouts & spots! I just love the feeling of my skin being soft after removing all the dirt from my face.

Here are some products I highly recommend:

Boots No. 7 Cleanse & Care Eye Make Up Remover

This is the best eye make up remover product I have ever used. As it is oil-based, it literally remove every trace of make up ... even the thickest water proof mascara!

Remember to not rub your eyes! Leave the cotton pad on your eyes for a few seconds, and slide it downwards gently. You can also massage it in circular motion gently to help lift make up off. The skin (and muscle) around your eyes are a lot more fragile than the rest of your face so great care is needed - that is why we need eye cream to avoid wrinkles & crow's feet!

This is just from 1st attempt - 3 little squirts from the bottle! As you can see it has lifted off a lot of make up!

There we go after 2nd attempt!

I would also recommend Bodyshop's Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover. After that I use a cream cleanser to clean the rest of my face. I'm currently using Pond's one with green tea extract - it smells divine! (I can't find a picture but will upload one tomorrow). Then I finish off with make up wipes to ensure no traces are left behind!

What is your before beddies routine and your favouritest products to remove make up?

xoxo Jay

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Ohmywordddd...thank you thank you thank you to Sabrina from A Little Obsessed for choosing me as the winner of her giveaway!!

I can't get over that and am so happy!! Look forward to reviewing the products! Waa so happy!! It's a motivation as well to keep this blog going as I have been slacking a little! Okay im here to bribe you with pictures! I had a lovely weekend deep in the Welsh Valleys away from civilisation at my friend's lovely weekend cottage with about 8 other girls! No TV, no signal .. lots of girly chats, games, open fire, swimming in the river, picnics, wine, books, magazines, chilling out, 5 person hammock!! food, and of course the most important thing ... TEA! mmm love a good cuppa!

One of our walks to the river upper hill (I totally struggled ... need to get fit!)

Amazing views

Found the spot after getting a little lost!

All the girls -1 ♥

River behind the cottage (Cernyw). I think you'll start seeing this on the runway soon lol! Harem pants + wellies + bf hoodie....

I miss the girls - Not sure if you know the story but I'm pretty much the only one who hasn't moved to London after we graduate so I dont get to see them as much now :( sad times. But c'est la vie!

I'll put more pictures of the cottage itself soon so keep checking back! Hope you all had a lovely weekend xxxxxx

Im also happy because my bf & I have finally decided what we'll do next week on our week off work! Instead of getting stressed trying to find holidays (we've left it quite late), deciding between road trip in France or Amsterdam or Portugal etc ... (we're great organisers!!) we have decided to rent a VW Campervan and do a trip around UK! YAY there are so many places I want to go can't wait to go to cute little quaint towns! Best of all I can take Patch (my dog) with me ♥ happy times!

Have you made plans for holidays this year?


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

New hair

Yep, new hair! Was quite shocked initially with the drastic change but I love it!! Still need to get used to the hair touching the eyes!

Also coloured it to a lighter shade of brown

In my Tigers shirt

So what do you think? Still a bit odd when I look in the mirror and dont see my eyebrows!


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Car Boot

We did two car boots this weekend - was so much fun...but waking up at 6am on a Sunday is not!!! Amazingly 50p and £1 really does add up!! This charming old man started chatting me up whilst we were trying to set it all up, telling us stories of the war and Japan etc ... I would have loved to hear more but we were so busy! He said 'how much for the lovely lady??' to which I replied ... 'Have you got a Mastercard?' 'Nope, do you take American Express?' 'Sorry no.' haha bless him!!

Also I have new hair!! Might post it later or tomorrow!

Have you sold at car boots? What was your best find??


Friday, 16 July 2010

Its Friday!

So I went with boom boom POWer dress today and very glad I did!

Ah I'm such a geek though. Instead of saying 'Do you take sugar and milk with your coffee' I said 'Do you take um do you take *mind went blank* milk and tea? uh um I meant um do you take uh sugar *pause* and *pause* milk? Grr even my boss was laughing at me going 'sh-sh-shushushu shugar???' bahaha. I dont know why it's not like I havent met the important people before!! *rolls eyes*

Oh and when I was bringing in the drinks, my bf opened the door for me (yep we work together) and silly boy was apparently checking me out(!!) and he looked up and one of the guest director caught him!! HOW embarrasing!!

Anyways the meeting went well - power dressing really does boost your confidence!

Okay I promise the special feature (5 days 1 girl) promised last week will be done soon and lots of reviews soon!

Have a fantabulous weekend xoxoxox

Thursday, 15 July 2010


Okay so I have a pretty important meeting tomorrow and I can't decide between:

Power Dress ....

or ... keeping it Classic??

Vote by 8am!!!!!!
P.s - Classic has 1 vote so far from the bf!

Power Dress: FCUK

Classic Top: Miss Selfridge (from Ebay)
Classic Skirt: Asos (from Ebay)

Thanks xxxxxx

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


One of my favourite past time is burying my head in books - I find all sort of books fascinating. I can happily sit in a bookshop for days! At uni I often find the library a place of distraction rather than somewhere to study. I'd often go there with lots of work to do but find myself flipping through National Geographic magazines or other random books. So here are some of my favourite books/author:

Memoirs of a Geisha

Having written a research paper into History of Geisha and Modern day Geisha, naturally I find all books on that subject very interesting and probably have read every geisha-related book that is published. Some are others that I find interesting:

- Autobiography of a Geisha, Sayo Masuda
- Geisha of Gion, Mineko Iwasaki

If you'd like to know about the intricacy of the flower and willow world, I highly recommend Liza Dalby's books - Kimono and Geisha. I also find Oriental history really fascinating, so these are some of my favourite too:

- Empress Orchid and all books by Anchee Min (I think its fictional but still pretty interesting to read)
- Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and all books by Lisa See

It's really interesting to find out why the girls from China used to bind their feet ... I remember a great grand someone of mine had their feet bound but I was too young to understand it. I wish I had asked her about it and the history behind it.

Have you read any of the books above and what are your favourite books / authors?

xxxxxxx Jay xxxxxxx

Thursday, 8 July 2010


If you're like me and into Japanese magazine/fashion/beauty .... YOU WILL FIND HEAVEN HERE!!! It is FILLED with Japanese magazines available to download! I know it's not the same not being able to flip page by page but I'm happy enough with these scans! Whoohoo! When I found it, I LITERALLY DIED AND CAME BACK ALIVE. Finally I can rejoice with my love for J-mags and J-fashion!

It's such an amazing place finally I can read all my fav mags! That is one of the major thing I miss from Japan ... they are around £3 in Japan but if you were to buy some from Japan Centre in London, it costs like £12! CRAZY MARK UP!!

If you're unsure which one to download and start reading ... keep checking back here I'll blog about some of my favouritest J-mags <3 Please comment if you love J-mag / J-fashion too! Also tomorrow I'll be doing a feature called '5 days 1 girl' ... come back tomorrow to find out what it's all about!! xxxx

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


What a pretty little dress!! Shame about the price tag though :(

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


ECLIPSE WAS AMAZINGGG I LOVE IT!!! We went to the advanced screening in Westfield London, I've never seen a cinema screen that hugeeee I didn't know which corner to look!! The seats were massive too it was amazing!!

Okay I'm not going to give anything away as it screens this weekend in UK ... let me know if you're into Twilight Saga too and we'll talk more when you've watched it!! Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? I just love them both so much!!!

I also spent a litttttle (just a little) bit too much on shopping so will do a post on that shortly! Hope you all had a lovely weekend xxxx


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