Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Kia Ora...

from Christchurch, New Zealand!!

Flying into Christchurch

I'll be in this part of the World for just under 4 months - I will try to blog as much and hope you lovely readers come on an adventure with me ♥

I realise I lost my purse when I got on the train to the airport which is rubbish! Luckily it was in the car, but I guess it's a sign - big guy up there didn't want me to have my credit cards with me! I already promised I won't shop too much! Grr and now I dont have anything with me not even driving license makes it really tricky! so I would appreciate all your recommendations to do (free) stuff around NZ!


Saturday, 20 November 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts - it was my last day at work on Wednesday ... finally!! Felt so good to have a lie in Thursday morning!!

So I'm off on my travels again and I leave tomorrow! Exciting but I havent even packed yet theres 1001 things to do :( I hate packing!!!

Im off to New Zealand / Australia this time for a few months! I really can't wait I really hope I will make the best of my time out there :) Aww I think my little puppy knows he's been wanting attention all the time and now sat on my lap ... cute I'm gonna miss him heaps.

Anyone from / been to NZ - any tips / places i must go??


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Can you see it ...

Following on from this post, thought I'd do another:

Can you see a man walking along with a cap and rucksack?

Isn't it just amazing???????????? Do you think I can make this as a career? mmm ...
photo courtesy of a traveller friend she is a little photographer ♥

Have you any random photos like above to share & do you like making out things from shapes/clouds?


Country Barn

Thought I'd share some pictures of the lovely barn/cottage we stayed at last week!

Entrance/outdoor space


Top landing

So cute

New found hobby (actually won 6/6 games - must be beginners luck haha!)

Amazing main bedroom

Amazing main en-suite with the biggest bath & shower ever! We had fun times in there!

Amazing views all around

Had such an amazing time away from civilisation - long walks, tea, board games, reading, cooking ... it feels odd coming back to reality & seeing other human beings!! I want to stay there forever!! It's also a working dairy farm so I got to milk cows! Was so much fun, also saw baby cows, so cuteeee!

If you'd like to have a country retreat to get away from stress and have some peace & quiet, this really is the best place to be! In the middle of nowhere but yet within reach of fun things to do ie Exmoor, Dartmoor, Coastal Paths ... let me know if you're interested I can forward you details! We only paid £300 for a WHOLE week (sleeps up to 4 people & pets welcomed).

I really miss the fresh air, long walks and just total relaxation, no rush for anything! Ahh take me back there NOW!

Sunday, 14 November 2010


Hello lovelies ♥ I'm back from the much needed retreat & have had fun spending a long time catching up all your blogs (have missed reading them!) anyway I was browsing and looking at various jewellery & thought these are so cute:

Sweetheart ring

Wing earrings

Also from Zara Taylor/Truebirds:

I love this!

Ah lots of birds & wings lol but they are just so beautiful! Hope you have had a lovely weekend xxx

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Current favourite perfume

The lovely Rose 4 Reines from L'occitane ♥ With just one spray you can smell it throughout the day! Love the smell! Got this from Bicester Village for only £8!

Also purchased the Limited Edition Wild Cherry Tree - it smells lovely as well. Still in its packaging!

What is your current favourite perfume? Have you ever tried any fragrances from L'occitane?


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Country retreat

If you're reading this, it means scheduled post is working! Yay! This is a sneak peek of the lovely country house we're at ♥ will put more pictures up when I return. Hope all you girlies are well I miss reading all your blogs!

Have a lovely Tuesday


Friday, 5 November 2010

Country retreat

I'm away for a week in the lovely Devon with some girlies & Patch ... cue lots of tea, reading, biscuits & country walk! I've brought lots of New Zealand guide books with me too so I can start planning! I've scheduled a couple of posts, hope they work!! Hope all of you have a lovely week, giveaway next week!! Promise!

Have a lovely weekend,

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Secret agent?

Socks are turning out to be a great hit this season - although Japan has had this look for like ever! I've always been slightly dubious in trying this look even though I've stocked up enough pairs from tutuanna, the best sock shop EVER in Japan! Few weeks ago when the weather started turning cold, I braved the look and this is the result:

I had a little knit dress with black socks (River Island) and with the coat, I looked a little like a spy or a secret agent especially paired with massive shades ha ha! I did really like the knee high socks but I think it's quite easy to look too sexy /sultry so will have to balance that! I have to say I much prefer over the knees than under the knees socks! I'm quite looking forward to trying them with not just mini dresses but shorts and mini skirts too :)

One more look I've yet to brave is the ankle socks & shoes look especially with peep toes! Have you tried it?

What do you think of knee high socks? Will you be trying it out this season?


Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Bit late, but I thought I'd share some Halloween pictures from the past! I didn't do anything actually this Halloween - sad as I love Halloween!

Back in 2006 (ohmylife!) as a vampiress with spider in hair

Again in 2006 as a doll with a naked barbie with tangled hair found in a charity shop lol

Close up of Barbie's butt

2007 #1 - yeah it is really me

2007 #2 - bedsheet as outfit

2007 #3 - mohawk to school with our favourite security guy in Japan <3 and yes we went to school like this and had a fun day scaring Japanese students hahah good times!

Personally I'm not one who dress up to look pretty on Halloween - you can dress up to look pretty all the time!! Halloween is one occasion where you can go crazy & wacky & be creative!

Sorry the pictures are all weird & cut up & my poor attempt at paint :( ... however, good news - giveaway will be up soon so keep checking back!!!


Monday, 1 November 2010

Christmas shopping

Yay Christmas is almost here!! I am so excited about all the fun Christmas gift, even more excited to think they will all be half price in the sales woop woop woop! I rarely go into BHS but they do have some lovely stuff for Xmas ... saw these & l.o.v.e:

Stacking cake tin with cake mix £15

Retro weighing scales £18

Recipe folder £8

Boxed teapot gift set £12 (bargain!)

Afternoon tea treats £10 (cute boxes!)

A question for you lovely people:
How long do you think it would take you to spend say, £10000? (not on big major items like big TV or a car or a house, just perhaps on shopping)

It really wouldn't take me long at all! I'd say...less than 10 minutes. Or maybe less like 5 minutes. But then I'd like to take some time to think ... I find it quite scary how easy it is to spend a lot of money especially online - it literally is just a click away! Last night with one click there goes half my month's wage. BUT it's for exciting times ahead ... I'm going to New Zealand woopwoop! For a few months! Really can't wait ♥

Have you been to New Zealand? Please comment & tell me your favourite shop/cafe/street/park whatever ... I'd love to check them out!

Ah I have so much to blog about - this week I'm going to start a new feature (now that ive said it I have to do it lol :p) Hope you girlies had a lovely halloween - really enjoyed seeing all your photos!


*pinch, punch for the first day of the month .... does anyone know how the saying goes next?

p/s one more follower until the number hits 50 & giveaway time! Thank you to all my followers, I hope I do write some interesting stuff?? xxx