Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Couples working & living together = relationship suicide?

I remember being rather nervous about having my bf starting a job where I work ... especially when we're going to work quite closely together. Being someone who appreciates 'me' time and my own space made it even more difficult. On top of that, we've never spent over a week together (we're constantly apart travelling & studying/working abroad). Magazines tell me status & power and constancy being some of the issues couples who work together face resulting in competition at work, boredom, distance and eventually a relationship falling apart.

Today was my bf's last day at work before he heads off to New Zealand.

I'm going to miss working with him. sharing laughter & joy with the rest of the team. shouting at him to hurry up in the morning. wondering where to have lunch. wink at him when others aren't watching. 'accidentally' bump into him in the kitchen. looking at each other and knowing our thoughts without a word spoken. and what im going to miss the most is peering over the computer to see him sat there working away, everyday.

I never thought I would have so much fun working & living with my boyfriend.
and now I have to say goodbye to both at the same time *traumatised

Have you / Would you ever worked with your other half? What do you think about couples who work & live together?

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Anonymous said...

I'm the type of person who needs more me time. I don't think I could manage being around the same person at work and home everday...could be fun for a while : )

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