Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Outdoor shoot

I have the copies of a shoot we did on Sunday, here are a couple, but I'm sure I'll blog more in the future:

I love this one!

Artistic shot

And a close up

The photographer is Jon's very talented and wonderful sister-in-law Theresa. You can find more information about her on her website here. Isn't it such a cute website! It was so much fun I want to do it again!!

Ooh and I've always been a bit of a save the World kinda person ... as I'm moving out I have lots of things I don't need anymore but such a waste to chuck things and contribute towards landfill. I found Freegle (Freely given, locally, easily) and listed some of the things I have to offer and loads of people has requested it! I'm giving away my washing machine to a single parent with two kids without a washing machine so hopefully that'll help him, and a double bed & single bed to people who need them! So if you have anything you don't need anymore (could be anything as long as it's free), register and help those in need!

Stressful weekend ahead - I haven't started packing yet ... oh dear!!



Hidero_Vanny said...

Wow! You guys are cute together!! I like the red umbrella's ,too!<3

Jimmy said...

hi jimmy here! didn't know that u blog. i really love the shots above..simply amazing =)

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