Friday, 30 July 2010


Hello girlies it's the weekend yay! and the start of my week off - so so glad! We're picking up our campervan tomorrow, ever so excited! Unfortunately it's not the traditional ones, they are modern versions but will still be fun! I really can't wait. Still have no idea where we're going hahah - where do you recommend? Where in England do you love going?

On a completely unrelated note ... I recently found out that I am rather high maintenance when it comes to my skin (thanks to a routine instilled at age 11 by my then beautician mother). I'm quite surprised to find that some people gets cleansing and moisturising confused and only use wipes to remove their make up! It is really important to ensure that every trace of make up should be removed so your skin can breathe & regenerate itself whilst you sleep. I can totally understand that at the end of a day all you want to do is just curl up in your pjs & fall asleep, but you might end up with oily skin & clogged pores resulting in breakouts & spots! I just love the feeling of my skin being soft after removing all the dirt from my face.

Here are some products I highly recommend:

Boots No. 7 Cleanse & Care Eye Make Up Remover

This is the best eye make up remover product I have ever used. As it is oil-based, it literally remove every trace of make up ... even the thickest water proof mascara!

Remember to not rub your eyes! Leave the cotton pad on your eyes for a few seconds, and slide it downwards gently. You can also massage it in circular motion gently to help lift make up off. The skin (and muscle) around your eyes are a lot more fragile than the rest of your face so great care is needed - that is why we need eye cream to avoid wrinkles & crow's feet!

This is just from 1st attempt - 3 little squirts from the bottle! As you can see it has lifted off a lot of make up!

There we go after 2nd attempt!

I would also recommend Bodyshop's Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover. After that I use a cream cleanser to clean the rest of my face. I'm currently using Pond's one with green tea extract - it smells divine! (I can't find a picture but will upload one tomorrow). Then I finish off with make up wipes to ensure no traces are left behind!

What is your before beddies routine and your favouritest products to remove make up?

xoxo Jay


Amoree (Rorie) said...

Considering I hardly wear any make up on my face except for my eyes, I usually fall victim to not properly cleaning my face before bed. I am going to look into this makeup remover for sure because I have a big problem with trying to remove waterproof mascara!!

As for the cupcakes!! I will be posting my journey of my tie dye cupcakes on Saturday evening after I bake them!! Complete with pictures!!!


Vivian said...

i only use mascara, so i remove my mascara and wash my face with a cleanser and then i put my shiseido cream on.
i love shiseido's eye and lip make up remover. but i've recently bought laneige's make up remover, so i'm very excited to try it out=]

Carrie said...

I spend lot of money for my skin care products too! Haha

hotmoomoo said...

heylo sis... ur skin is flawless. it doesnt require much or high maintenance, ok! booo...

Jay ♥ said...

Amoree: Loreal has a really good oil-based make up remover too! And I saw the recipe - can't wait to try it out!

Vivian: Ooo I've never heard of Laneige - will check it out!

Carrie: Well it sure is important to invest in some good skin care!

Hotmoomoo: haha same to you!!

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