Friday, 16 July 2010

Its Friday!

So I went with boom boom POWer dress today and very glad I did!

Ah I'm such a geek though. Instead of saying 'Do you take sugar and milk with your coffee' I said 'Do you take um do you take *mind went blank* milk and tea? uh um I meant um do you take uh sugar *pause* and *pause* milk? Grr even my boss was laughing at me going 'sh-sh-shushushu shugar???' bahaha. I dont know why it's not like I havent met the important people before!! *rolls eyes*

Oh and when I was bringing in the drinks, my bf opened the door for me (yep we work together) and silly boy was apparently checking me out(!!) and he looked up and one of the guest director caught him!! HOW embarrasing!!

Anyways the meeting went well - power dressing really does boost your confidence!

Okay I promise the special feature (5 days 1 girl) promised last week will be done soon and lots of reviews soon!

Have a fantabulous weekend xoxoxox

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