Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Ohmywordddd...thank you thank you thank you to Sabrina from A Little Obsessed for choosing me as the winner of her giveaway!!

I can't get over that and am so happy!! Look forward to reviewing the products! Waa so happy!! It's a motivation as well to keep this blog going as I have been slacking a little! Okay im here to bribe you with pictures! I had a lovely weekend deep in the Welsh Valleys away from civilisation at my friend's lovely weekend cottage with about 8 other girls! No TV, no signal .. lots of girly chats, games, open fire, swimming in the river, picnics, wine, books, magazines, chilling out, 5 person hammock!! food, and of course the most important thing ... TEA! mmm love a good cuppa!

One of our walks to the river upper hill (I totally struggled ... need to get fit!)

Amazing views

Found the spot after getting a little lost!

All the girls -1 ♥

River behind the cottage (Cernyw). I think you'll start seeing this on the runway soon lol! Harem pants + wellies + bf hoodie....

I miss the girls - Not sure if you know the story but I'm pretty much the only one who hasn't moved to London after we graduate so I dont get to see them as much now :( sad times. But c'est la vie!

I'll put more pictures of the cottage itself soon so keep checking back! Hope you all had a lovely weekend xxxxxx

Im also happy because my bf & I have finally decided what we'll do next week on our week off work! Instead of getting stressed trying to find holidays (we've left it quite late), deciding between road trip in France or Amsterdam or Portugal etc ... (we're great organisers!!) we have decided to rent a VW Campervan and do a trip around UK! YAY there are so many places I want to go can't wait to go to cute little quaint towns! Best of all I can take Patch (my dog) with me ♥ happy times!

Have you made plans for holidays this year?



Amoree (Rorie) said...

Congratulations on the giveway winnn!!!

heartshapedbruise. said...

Congratulations on the giveaway :)

Looks like you had a lovely trip there - I'm looking forward to hearing more about the one you're about to take - sounds like lots of fun!

Jay ♥ said...

Amoree: Thanks! Very chuffed <3

heartshapedbruise: Thanks :) we had a look at the campervan today - slightly disappointed it wasnt the traditional VW ones but it's still cool! xxx

Hidero_Vanny said...

congrats! :D

Wow! It looks you had a great time there!! I've never tried hammock,,

Jay ♥ said...

Hidero: Thanks <3 Yes I do love England & the countryside. Hammock is brilliant! xx

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