Monday, 13 September 2010


Walking around the shops in the weekend shows that summer is definitely coming to an end for sure :( but at least we have fun things to look forward to in autumn! Boots & warm coats, beautiful wool tights & hats!!! I never used to like hats, but in recent years I've grown to love them!! Thought I'd share with you some hats pictures!

A purple shark head?

umm maybe a whale? I am a big whale person!!

mmm not sure about this look!

Mushroom head hat?? Ps taken in Shibuya 109 (the best mall EVER in Tokyo) - Anyone reading my blog been there? Let me know if you have and tell me what it was about 109 that you love!!

Minnie hat at Tokyo Disneyland

Panda hat on a good hair day (with extensions)

Shopping for a hat (should have bought them!)

Proudest hat everr :)

And finally, let me leave you with these:

Pandahead ordering some fresh eucalyptus


I love hats of all sorts! Want to get a sheepskin one next!

Do you love hats & what are you most looking forward to in Autumn/Winter? Comment & write a post about your hats, I'd love to see them!!

Jay xxx


Rorie said...

Jayyy!! You look adorable in hats!! I look kind of silly!! I will def try and do a vlog on how I do my braids sometime. I just started using my webcam so I will try and get acquainted with it more!!!

London's-beauty said...

CUTEE!! x) xx

fourfeetnine said...


Anonymous said...

Nice post, i was smiling along while looking at the pics, especially the panda one, really made me laugh. thanks for sharing.


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