Thursday, 30 September 2010

Baby soft skin part 2

Click here for Part 1 on how I keep my skin soft!

As we all know BodyShop's body butter are one of the best moisturising products out there as well as being one of the best smelling ones! Here are some of my favourite body butters from Body Shop:

I love the Shea Body Butter as it works wonders - the creaminess of it just gets rid of any dry skin you might have! It might come across as quite a solid at first but it melts at body temperature leaving your skin silky smooth! As for the Cherry Blossom one - I discovered it in Japan and literally went crazy! Made sure I had enough supply in case UK didn't stock it and was really relieved when I found out they do! I'm also impressed with their latest sweet lemon range - really invigorating and again smells amazing! I also love how your bed sheets smell lovely too!!

Which is your favourite Body Shop Body Butter?
(I'm sure it's pretty difficult to choose!!)

P/S Katie's giveaway have quite a few Body Shop items - has anyone tried the Love Etc range? xxx


Rorie said...

I have never never used body shop body butter, but it sounds amazing!!

Jay ♥ said...

Ah Rorie, you are missing out! Head to your nearest bodyshop NOW!!!!!!!

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