Wednesday, 8 September 2010


So today something pretty embarrassing happened. As I got out of my car this old geezer laughed at my parking. He ACTUALLY said out loud 'haha good parking there' and im like hey?? Quite a few people turned around and laughed and im like what have I done wrong here??? I dont get it!! This nice guy said no it isn't that bad!! and i'm like wait - it isn't 'isn't that bad' ... ITS IN THE BOX!! Just the fact that I was stood in the middle of town feeling a bit ???? saying 'Whats wrong with it???' is a little wtf... Here's how I parked:

Now I know its a little far from the curb, but it IS in the box and at least I havent gone up the pedestrian pathway haha. I know I'm not the best parker ... I'd rather park further and walk than to parallel park and when I do get the car in on rare occasions, I have a mini celebration! Rarr! Personally I think its fine ... but you might think its not lol!

Actually I'm no stranger to embarrassing moments ... here's a mini collection of stories:

1. Last week we had a lovely guy starting his first day. At lunch time, being the kind person that I am(!) I said to him 'Would you like anything from the supermarket as I saw your mom drop you off this morning'

'umm ... that's my girlfriend.'



I was in such shock and went beetroot instantly but luckily I was rescued by a friend waa! Not good!

2. One evening after work I parked up at my front door. It was raining rather heavily ... and I was sat there for a good 2-3 minutes pressing the 'open' button on my car keys pointed towards my front door. Dork.

Ah there's so many stupid stories my boyfriend will probs enjoy telling you more haha but I promise I'm not stupid :)

Have you any funny maybe a little embarrassing story to share? I'd love to hear them!



heartshapedbruise. said...

My Mum ALWAYS tries to open the front door by pointing her car keys at it & pressing the button.. so you're not alone!

I don't drive, so am certainly no expert on parking - but if I was just walking past & saw that, I would think it was rather far out from the kurb..!

Rorie said...

Hahaha I am horrible at parking so don't worry!!!
Also I do embarrassing things all the time!!

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Jay ♥ said...

heartshapedbruise: Looks like there's a demand for electronic front door keys!!

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