Monday, 6 September 2010

Mega Dango / Wigs room smells gorgeous at the moment with green tea & lemon oil burning ... I'm addicted!

So I have some good & bad news to share. Bad first - Earthquake in NZ is still bad, doesnt help that Jon is right at the epicentre with frequent tremours and shakes :( He had 3 quite major shakes earlier ... him & his friends have now decided to flee (is that a word? sounds funny) Christchurch and heading towards Auckland where its safe. Hope they are ok!

Good news - I can't wait for my friend Yurina from Japan to arrive next Monday!! (must clean room up grr). I also asked her to buy some stuff for me ... I've been wanting them for agesss! I always used to have long hair until when I was in Japan (2 years ago) I decided a change is needed so I chopped it all off. I loved it short - so much fun and so different! but hated the growing it out stage as it took so long and just so unflattering!

Short bob which I loveee

As I hated the growing out stage, I put in extensions (bonded / Japanese way). I found a specialist place in London ran by Japanese and looked like this:

Actual hair was shoulder length (by necklace on right)

It was real hair extensions and you wouldn't believe how much I paid for that...£2xx.00 .... it was probably 5 times more than how much it would cost if I did it in Japan! UNFAIR. Anyways, the price of vanity & it was also for my graduation.

Finally my hair grew out in recent months and now it looks ... well, scroll down and you can see what it looks like or click here to see my photoshoot from the other weekend!

Sometimes I still miss my short hair ... and if hair didn't take that long to grow I'd definitely cut it short again! But recent craze for wigs provided the perfect solution to my problems!

Pros for wigs:
- change of style / look instantly
- change of hair colour without damaging own hair
- easy to put on
- takes less than a minute (probably)
- probably comfortable...

I said probably on the last point because I haven't actually tried them on, I'll do a review when I get them but until then, I just wanted to share my excitement with you guys what I ordered!

Mega dango

This is just the bun bit ... ah I can't wait! My hair isn't thick enough or long enough to put it up like that so I can't wait to put this on!!

And a cute short wig!!

So now I can change my looks / style more easily!! Check back for reviews!!

Do you prefer long or short hair? Have you ever done something dramatically different to your hair? and would you try wigs?

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Wow, I can't wait for your post reviewing these - how exciting!

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