Saturday, 20 November 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts - it was my last day at work on Wednesday ... finally!! Felt so good to have a lie in Thursday morning!!

So I'm off on my travels again and I leave tomorrow! Exciting but I havent even packed yet theres 1001 things to do :( I hate packing!!!

Im off to New Zealand / Australia this time for a few months! I really can't wait I really hope I will make the best of my time out there :) Aww I think my little puppy knows he's been wanting attention all the time and now sat on my lap ... cute I'm gonna miss him heaps.

Anyone from / been to NZ - any tips / places i must go??



Gemma Hayley said...

In New Zealand go to Lake Taupo and (if you have the money) do the Tongariro crossing (i had run out of money by NZ so couldn't do it!), go to Nelson and walk up to the "centre of New Zealand" which is free. Unfortunately my boyfriend and I had absolutely no money when we got there so anything we did was free.

Here's a link to my Flickr photos if you want to see a couple of the places:

Lizzy said...

Brisbane is amazing in Australia! Not really touristy like Sydney, really pretty and theres some great things to do! Have a great time x

Jade said...

Omg for a few months?! That sounds amazing! Will you still keep blogging? x

Jay ♥ said...

Gemma: Wow thanks :) the pictures look amazing, hopefully I'd be able to capture the amazingness! Any more free stuff to do cos i'm pretty skint too!

Lizzy: Thanks! GC is one place I really want to go!

Jade: Yep love just upping and going. Yes I'll try to blog as much as poss!


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