Monday, 1 November 2010

Christmas shopping

Yay Christmas is almost here!! I am so excited about all the fun Christmas gift, even more excited to think they will all be half price in the sales woop woop woop! I rarely go into BHS but they do have some lovely stuff for Xmas ... saw these & l.o.v.e:

Stacking cake tin with cake mix £15

Retro weighing scales £18

Recipe folder £8

Boxed teapot gift set £12 (bargain!)

Afternoon tea treats £10 (cute boxes!)

A question for you lovely people:
How long do you think it would take you to spend say, £10000? (not on big major items like big TV or a car or a house, just perhaps on shopping)

It really wouldn't take me long at all! I'd say...less than 10 minutes. Or maybe less like 5 minutes. But then I'd like to take some time to think ... I find it quite scary how easy it is to spend a lot of money especially online - it literally is just a click away! Last night with one click there goes half my month's wage. BUT it's for exciting times ahead ... I'm going to New Zealand woopwoop! For a few months! Really can't wait ♥

Have you been to New Zealand? Please comment & tell me your favourite shop/cafe/street/park whatever ... I'd love to check them out!

Ah I have so much to blog about - this week I'm going to start a new feature (now that ive said it I have to do it lol :p) Hope you girlies had a lovely halloween - really enjoyed seeing all your photos!


*pinch, punch for the first day of the month .... does anyone know how the saying goes next?

p/s one more follower until the number hits 50 & giveaway time! Thank you to all my followers, I hope I do write some interesting stuff?? xxx


Rorie said...

It would probably take me a while to spend that much money without buying big items, I don't waste!!!
But I am in love with EVERYTHING you pictured up there!!

Sara Louise said...

ohh you have picked some fab things here

Jay ♥ said...

Rorie: Same! But if you had to do it all in the shortest time ... I think I can manage lol providing that the money was given free lol :p

Sara Louise: I love anything vintage looking lol x

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