Thursday, 4 November 2010

Secret agent?

Socks are turning out to be a great hit this season - although Japan has had this look for like ever! I've always been slightly dubious in trying this look even though I've stocked up enough pairs from tutuanna, the best sock shop EVER in Japan! Few weeks ago when the weather started turning cold, I braved the look and this is the result:

I had a little knit dress with black socks (River Island) and with the coat, I looked a little like a spy or a secret agent especially paired with massive shades ha ha! I did really like the knee high socks but I think it's quite easy to look too sexy /sultry so will have to balance that! I have to say I much prefer over the knees than under the knees socks! I'm quite looking forward to trying them with not just mini dresses but shorts and mini skirts too :)

One more look I've yet to brave is the ankle socks & shoes look especially with peep toes! Have you tried it?

What do you think of knee high socks? Will you be trying it out this season?



KcomeKarolina said...

you look so sweet!i just bumped into your blog! so cute!


/there's a GIVE_AWAY on my blog/

Jay ♥ said...

KcomeKarolina: Aww thanks <3 please do follow! I love your blog too love your over the knees outfit x

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

lol, I like that "secret agent" look. It looks so cute especially with the over the knee socks. :-)

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