Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Bit late, but I thought I'd share some Halloween pictures from the past! I didn't do anything actually this Halloween - sad as I love Halloween!

Back in 2006 (ohmylife!) as a vampiress with spider in hair

Again in 2006 as a doll with a naked barbie with tangled hair found in a charity shop lol

Close up of Barbie's butt

2007 #1 - yeah it is really me

2007 #2 - bedsheet as outfit

2007 #3 - mohawk to school with our favourite security guy in Japan <3 and yes we went to school like this and had a fun day scaring Japanese students hahah good times!

Personally I'm not one who dress up to look pretty on Halloween - you can dress up to look pretty all the time!! Halloween is one occasion where you can go crazy & wacky & be creative!

Sorry the pictures are all weird & cut up & my poor attempt at paint :( ... however, good news - giveaway will be up soon so keep checking back!!!


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