Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Brighton ♥

I went to Brighton for the first time in the lovely weekend and I LOVE BRIGHTON!!

My bf reckons the sun helped and that I probably wouldnt want to be there in Winter! Nah, I still love all the cute shops & cafes, the beach & candy floss...

Love merry-go-rounds

Think I look pretty good in blonde hair hey

I found £3 on a deckchair so I bought the biggest fairy floss you've ever seen in your life!! yum yum!

Artistic shot from my bf, Jon

Had a great weekend!

Do you live in Brighton or have you been to Brighton?
What did you get up to in the weekend?

xoxo Jay


Anonymous said...

ahh i love brighton! and its perfect weather for the beach now :) the last photo is adorable!

thanks for commenting btw!

Kei Kei said...

TY for following. <3 Brighton. KK xoxo

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