Thursday, 10 June 2010

Paris ♡

Went to Paris last weekend for the first time ever! I've always wanted to go with a boyfriend but my Mexican friend was there and I haven't seen her for two years so I booked tickets and went to see her there! It was great fun, met lots of really nice people & saw my French friend Mya too <3 Have to admit didn't see much of Paris though but being with people I love ... it was worth it.

Stayed at a friend's rooftop apartment near the Arc with Eiffel Tower view which was amazing!

Amazing weather & picnic at Versailles - loved it.

The 'kaka' effect - say kaka before taking a picture and you'll have a perfect laughing picture! Kaka also means shit in Spanish lol!

Grand entrance of the apartment

♥ Paola, Fernanda, Mya & I ♥

Mya & I found a genuine Japanese restaurant tucked away in the middle of Paris. We were so happy we could live our Japanese life once again temporarily ... ahh.

Stayed at another stranger's rooftop apartment with amazinger Eiffel Tower views - this is us climbing out on the roof for breakfast ... it was wow.

Everyone says the French are really rude but I came across the most amazing people ever!! Two Frenchies let us stay at their apartment even though I met them that day...also had 3 muffins FREE from Starbucks!! Starbucks!! Got talking to the captain guy who was serving us and he was so so nice and decided to give us free food lol :p

Have you been to Paris? If so what's your memory of Paris and what's your must see / must do??

Jay xxx

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len said...

i would love to go someday! thanks for sharing the photos! ur trip looks sooo much fun!

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