Wednesday, 20 October 2010

What do you see?

What do you see when you look at the picture above (the white string bit) without thinking too much about it???

Now give it some thought, and see what that initial thought develop into.

Be quite interesting to see what you make of it - comment with your reply and I'll tell you what I saw.


p/s I really won't think your reply would be silly or stupid in fact it will only fascinate me!!! So don't worry <3 also I should hide comments until such time everyone has commented, but it's too high-tech for me hah

Honestly, I will LOVE all your comments on what you see so leave one now! xxx

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Mine_kogal said...

You can think that's stupid but... I see a kidney xDDD

Jade said...

At first I thought a baby like wrapped up in a blanket but then looking at it for longer, the two loops look like a cassette tape!

Jay ♥ said...

Mine_kogal: No I dont think its stupid at all!! Very reasonable in fact!

Jade: cassette! Thats fascinating!!

♔ Pearlessence ♔ said...

I first thought of it as a loaf of bread! Haha xx

Kat O said...

I see a big 'B' and a small inverted 'B' pattern made by the string!
Kat x
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dejashu said...

i see a foetus :) xx

Rorie said...

I saw a kidney bean and then I saw Mine_kogal post and I was like ahhhhh!!! yaya!!!

cheesie said...

i saw mayonnaise. yum.

Jay ♥ said...

Pearlessense: LOLololol actually I can see croissant!

Kat O: Definitely can see the B!

dejashu: Helloo <3 waiting for your Blair inspired post!

Rorie: Bean defo!

cheesie: um mayonnaise? that's a first.

Anonymous said...

The tea? Looks like a lightbulb!
the coiled thread looks like the wire in the bulb )

Mandi said...

I saw a love heart!
I obsessively draw them on everything so maybe they're just stuck in my head ;p

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