Sunday, 31 October 2010

Random 50

1. It's gone dark already :(
2. My hair is finally longgg again
3. It has taken about 2 years
4. I want it short again
5. But of course I won't cut it again. Love. fashion. wigs
6. I love green tea
7. I worry about life too much
8. I cry really easily
9. Actually I worry about a lot of things a lot of the time
10. Complete relaxation week this Friday in Devon ... can't wait!
11. I'm also REALLY excited because I'm going away to New Zealand for a few months!
12. Oh sugar, I need to look at flights NOW.
13. I love my dog.
14. No, I really really really love my dog.
15. He is my everything.
16. He hurt his shoulder beginning of the week because of me :( kinda ... get well soon baby
17. I've picked my new camera, my first slr :D
18. I really enjoy blogging
19. I love shopping. a lot :(
20. Sometimes being a girl is difficult - you shop for make up, skin care, fashion, and all things cute!
21. umm (struggling) I love sunsets
22. and sunrise
23. Could do with winning the lottery sometime soon.
24. But I don't buy lottery tickets?
25. I like animals. A lot.
26. Whales, horses, seahorses, pandas, dogs, mammoths, elephants...
27. I watched Ghost (the movie with Demi Moore & Patrick Swayze) for the first time last week. Wow, good film!
28. I wish I could get up earlier in the morning.
29. mmmm I like Doraemon.
30. and Ultraman.
31. and Hello Kitty.
32. I don't watch a lot of TV (but I want to!)
33. I love cooking programmes lol geeeeeek
34. I love history
35. I think you should do a random 50 too. or challenge yourself to a random 100
36. There's too much 'I' (see 32-25)
37. (really struggling) Matt Cardle to win X Factor!
38. Want a tattoo (maybe)
39. OMG it's November WTF!
40. Can't wait til Xmas sales!!
41. But I won't be in the country :(
42. Loving the brown/red/orange/yellow trees
43. How safe is laser-eye surgery?
44. Have you ever had any cosmetic surgery?
45. Who's performing in tonight's X Factor?
46. Smile and the World will smile with you
48. Chocolate ice-cream ... always
49. umm Happy Halloween?
50. That's all! If you've reached this far .... well done!! Now go write your random fifty ♥ I'm gonna have a pampering night tonight complete with hot shower, face mask hair mask the lot! Tell me, what do you do on pampering nights?

xxxxx Happy Halloween xxxx

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kirstyb said...

i always forget to buy lotto tickets - very annoying xxx

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