Friday, 15 October 2010

Circle lens

Did anyone (in the UK) catch last night's amazing program called 'Inside Nature's Giant's' the Giant Squid episode?? I've always always always been fascinated by Giant Squid - the fact that noone has actually ever seen one ever!!

Some interesting facts:

- Squids have three hearts!!
- They actually have teeth on their tentacles so if you are caught by one, it would be a slow & painful death. You'd feel every single bite as they literally shred you to pieces :( so make sure you don't go near one. no, don't go near the little ones either!!
- The female give birth to millions of eggs which is held together in a mass and jiggled around with the mother's tentacles - quite a sight really ... and the mommy dies after all her babies are hatched!

If you're fascinated you can watch here!

On another note, since Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video the black circle lens that makes your iris look larger has been really popular especially with Asian girls. I can see why, as it makes you look cute and quite attractive like:

We now live in a world where bigger means better - breast enhancement, penis enlargement, abs implants and even silicone injection to get J-Lo's bum. How ridiculous! But many don't realise how these contact lens can actually be harmful to your eyes if you wear it for too long & not careful with them. They actually restrict oxygen getting into your eyes causing them to be dry and red. New capillaries form on your retina to try to get as much oxygen from the surface thus causing infection! As someone who's had serious eye infections from wearing contact lens and came close to losing my sight, I really hope that those who wear circle lens (or any lens) know exactly what they are doing and only purchase from the opticians and not over the internet!

Mmm looking at the picture below, it reminds me of something ...

... that's it!

Looks the same hey! Besides, anyone else thinks the black circle lens are slightly scary?? I dont want scary pictures on my blog but you can see another scary one here!!

Do you wear contact lens and have you / would you try Circle Lens so your iris would look bigger?


Rorie said...

I wear regular contacts for seeing, however, my friend wore circle lenses for like 6 months and she went for an eye exam and her optometrist was like what I have never heard of circle lenses and actually told her they were hurting her eyes. So I will prob never wear em!!

Daniela Skeyki said...

These lenses kill my eyes :(

Rebecca Lau said...

it does make your eyes appear bigger :)
every girl in hk are wearing them, my best friend wears them too, and makes the eyes bigger.. however i'm not into the idea of circles lens, its taking fakeness slightly too far in away, people should work with what god has given you

Jay ♥ said...

Rorie: Need to raise more awareness & side effect for these lenses!!

Daniela: Stop wearing them or you'll lose your eyes :(

Rebecca: It does, but hey would you choose vanity over your eye sight?? There is vanity and then there's taking it too far by jeopardising some things that money can't buy like eyes! p/s love your cape xx

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