Monday, 25 October 2010


Hello lovely people, last week of October! Have you sorted out your Halloween outfits yet? What are you gonna be this year? I had the most fabulous weekend in London with the most amazing friends that I dont get to see enough!

My dancing outfit + comfy pjs watching ER eating chocolate at 4am ... because the kebab van was shut ha!

Lots of fun posts this week including a 'My day in pictures' tomorrow so stay tuned <3 What did you get upto in the weekend & how have you wrapped up warm in this cold weather?
I drive around in my comfy PJs in the morning to work to keep warm!!


Rorie said...

Youuu are tooo cute!! I am not sure if I will be out for Halloween yet!? Hmm!

Widdlesh said...

That's a gorgeous top!

Jay ♥ said...

Rorie: I'm not gonna be out either, sad :( I love halloween! Also I want your hair plait video!

Widdles: Thanks <3 Because im so short, it's a dress on me lol x

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