Thursday, 14 October 2010

☆ Twinkle twinkle little stars ☆

How I wonder what you are...

A few weeks ago I built up the courage and went to a ballet class after almost 10 years of missing in action. As much as I enjoyed it, it also made me feel a little ... depressed! I felt like a little failure having let go and losing sight of all my glittering dreams & passion from when I was younger! It's almost as if I've betrayed the mini-me.

If I could tell little Jay something now, I'd tell her to not worry and just keep spinning in her little pink tutu.

I'd also tell the 12 year old me to not be so arrogant to think that even if I stopped playing piano then I would get back into it easily because the 23 year old self at present is finding it extremely difficult, annoying and frustrating. If a 12 year old can read a piece of music and make her fingers glide ... surely an older version could as well? I'm gonna keep trying, wish me luck.

Have you any hobbies / talents / dreams that you lost sight of?

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Rorie said...

Lol yessss!! ugh, I use to play the piano and the saxaphone and I play neither now =[

Jay ♥ said...

:( Are you trying to get back into it??

Anonymous said...

yes :(
i miss horseback riding

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