Thursday, 21 October 2010


Finally found my camera! Face of Saturday night:

I haven't been out for ages so I was really proud I could still remember night make-up! It's pretty much just black and gold as highlight. I am not that great at make up but am being inspired and learning from various make-up blogs I follow so THANK YOU! Eyelashes are Cheryl Cole ones - really like them as they are different to ones I usually wear! Well I had to peel the lash off the right eye as it was blocking my sight and I had to drive about 2 glad I didn't get pulled over with one side of lashes off and the other side still attached lol

And YES I have my hands on Leopard Print Coat - ohmylife just found out it's now 20% off - NOT FAIR!!!! Anyway I am slightly obsessed with leopard print this season - will be doing a feature on it soon! You will (hopefully) find changes and new features on this blog soon and hope you'll like it even more!

Thank you for all your fun comments on yesterday's post, I hope you had fun! I'll let you know what I saw in tomorrow's post - it'll be a scheduled post so hope it works!!

What are you into this season and do you love leopard prints too? Blog about your leopard print items, would love to see how you wear them!



Sara Louise said...

erm hello
!your stunning and love your make up

Jay ♥ said...

Sara Louise: Wow thanks <3 you're the gorgeous one! x

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