Wednesday, 6 October 2010


today I find myself in a big big HUGE dilemma. Could be life-changing. Could be. Question is ... how do you decide? Actually the above image does not entirely represent the whole truth. Try this:

Excuse the rubbish photoshop job on paint haha

It's gonna be crazy either way so decision should be easy hey but ummm nah.

When you are faced with a big big HUGE dilemma, how do you make the decision?
Draw it out in charts and graphs, pros and cons; or sleep on it? Talk about it to as many people as possible or do you have a conversation with your head instead? I might go and have the longest shower I've ever had in my life now...One thing I know for sure is there is never a wrong decision.

On a lighter note ...

How very true. My boyfriend (who is umm almost 5 years older than me) have no idea how to operate the washing machine. You know its true honey if you're reading this.


Jade said...

Usually I ask EVERYONE "what do you think I should do?" As helpful as they try to be though, they always end up saying "but really it's up to you". I'd suggest weighing up all the pros and cons and maybe think of a back-up plan/plan B if the choice you make doesn't go your way! Good luck with it!
Hahaha that last picture would apply to me too! x

Jay ♥ said...

Yep at the end of the day you're the decision maker, but all advise is always good. Maybe ... sometimes it makes you think more hey and have more sleepless nights!! Thanks for your comment & love the angel wing ring! xxx

Rorie said...

Hahah aww!! I do my bf's laundry too!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey!! I know how to operate the washing machine!! i can get the clothes washed, its just getting them back at the original size that im struggling with. give me another 5 years, i should be good by then!
the bf x

Jay ♥ said...

Rorie: Men needs us women for sure.

The bf: No you dont. Not now, not everr!!!

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