Tuesday, 26 October 2010

One day in pictures

Seeing as my bf is in NZ and my bff is in BA (Buenos Aires), I thought I'd send them some pics instead of the usual email! Picture heavy of my day yesterday (Monday)

- Woke up. Saw this. Life is not fair. -

- Very dark mornings. Saw this happy panda staring back at a not so happy panda. -

- Scrape scrape scrape -

- Driving in jimjams = best thing ever. Taking it off for work = worst thing ever. -

- Fog ... makes me want to stop & dance in the middle of it -

- Tractors, trucks & slow drivers should not be allowed on the roads before 10am -

- Hat hair -

- Happy chappy in the wall by the toilet sink, always make me smile -

- Home time YAY -

My bf wrote back saying 'did you have an awful day, the only happy picture is the 7 holes in the wall!' ... geez :S I did have a lovely day thanks.

If you've got one day (or many days or every day) in pictures, comment so I can read! Hope all you lovely peeps have had a lovely Monday and Tuesday and everyday!

p/s only ONE. uno. ichi. ein. une. 1. more follower before giveaway time! Thank you all you lovely followers I hope you enjoy reading my random rambles!



Faye Cavania said...

ahhh i loved this post :) xx

Rorie said...

So fun, i loved this you make me laugh!!

Jay ♥ said...

Faye: Thanks, you should make one too!

Rorie: Thanks <3

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