Tuesday, 5 October 2010

My frustration...

As mentioned in yesterday's post, as much as I loved my new hair colour ... I was slightly annoyed with it!

Remember from this post I mentioned I finally got my hands on Mega Dango (Mega bun) from Japan??? Well the colour matched PERFECTLY...until yesterday! Let me explain further in pictures.

I've wanted big fluffy hair for a while now so I can create big fluffy cute hair buns like this:

and this:

And since it has taken so long for my hair to grow and most Japanese rely on extensions / fake hair to help create the fluffiness anyway, I was really pleased with my purchase. But now the colour does not match...

... I am not a happy bunny.

Comment below and/or show me your cute face you pull when you're not happy to make me smile again!

p/s Let me know if you are interested in Mega Dango and I'll write a review on it! xxx

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Rorie said...

I'm sorry your hair doesn't match anymore, but I still really love the new color!!!
You can always dye it back later!!

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